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Measure between them for your shoulder width. French Cut jeans are also a type of narrow-cut jean.

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The clothing size for a woman with a inch waist will vary depending on where they shop and what type of clothing it pertains to, but with the ASOS brand, a inch waist could mean a US size 14 in the curve size guide or a US size 4 in the maternity size guide.
Men's Jeans & Pants Size Guide ASOS brand sizes are designed to fit to the following body measurements: Some brands may vary from these measurements but you can still use them as a guide.
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Size Charts Find the perfect fit with the our size charts. You can always call us and we can assist you Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (CST) at ()

You have to measure from the stride length till your foot to get the length. If you want to buy suit pants, you should make sure that the measure stops just before the ground. In this way, you will ensure that they fall neatly on the top of your shoes. This is different in the case of casual pants because it is sufficient for you to measure half the heel height. This also ensures that your clothes are not soiled too quickly — for example, during outdoor trips.

If you want to measure your inseam another word for inside leg then best pick a pair that fit, you very well. You can measure the length of the inseam best if you place your pair of trousers flat on the floor, a table, or the bed. Measure now from the crotch seam the point where the left and right legs are sewed together to the bottom of the leg. In all cases, please also consider the cut of the pant you want to buy.

Obviously a petite cut needs to be bought in a larger size than loose fit cut as these will have more room at the ankle. Most American pants sizes are based on width and length, measured in units of inches.

All well-known manufacturers use two measurements: While the first measure is between 26 and 48 and indicates the waistband, the second measure is between 30 and 36 and reflects stride length. Pants are produced in many, many different waistband and stride length combinations so that you can easily find the right pair for your individual physique. The first number in pants is width: The size of the waistband is usually indicated with a W.

For pants with a value of W25, this is taken to mean a pair of pants with the smallest, most common waistband width, namely 25 inches. The second number in pants is length: The leg length is also indicated in inches and is marked with an L.

Just as with classic clothing sizes, the inner seam is measured as well. L 30, to a length of 36 inches, i. Individual manufacturers also produce in intermediate sizes, which are indicated by odd numbers. The combination of two numbers, which can be found on jeans and other casual pants thus identifies the waistband width as well as stride length. If you want to convert the size to the metric system, you must use factor 2. Therefore, a pair of pants with a length of 32 inches has a stride length of 81 centimeters.

One criterion with which to classify different types of pants is the cut. In addition, pants are differentiated according to how wide they are, what leg shape they have, or how high the waistband is. This is how, for example, pants with a rather low waistband are called hipsters , and ones with a very high waistband are called High Waist. Keep in mind that wedding gowns, vintage clothes, and sewing patterns do not use this guideline generally add two sizes for them.

To get the most accurate measurements, have someone else measure you. Use a good cloth measuring tape they aren't expensive. Be sure to hold the tape straight and snug to your body. Hold the tape around the fullest part of your bust. If you usually wear bra padding, put it on before measuring. This measurement will assist you in determining your size for tops and relaxed-fitting dresses.

This is not your bra size - that's a different technique. Bear in mind that your woman's waist is going to be higher than your man's waist. Stand up straight, raise your arms, and suck in your tummy.

Measure around your waist at the point where you are thinnest this is generally at, or just above, your navel. While measuring, put a finger between your body and the tape to ensure a comfortable fit. Measure around the fullest part of your hips, usually six to eight inches below natural waistline, depending on how much rise you need.

This measurement will help you determine the most appropriate size for pants, skirts, and form-fitting dresses. If you wear extra hip padding, make sure it's on when you measure. This measurement refers to the distance from the waist to the skirt hemline. A good starting point for most crossdressers would be to kneel down and, keeping your back erect, hang a measuring tape to the floor - this will give you your mid-knee length.

You can go shorter or longer from there. This measurement refers to the distance from the rise crotch to the pant hemline. Measure around the chest, just under the arms, above the bust. If your measurement ends in a fraction or is an odd number, round up to the next even size. Measure around the fullest point of the bust, keeping the tape level without pulling tight. Refer to the chart at right, the difference between the measurements determines the cup size.

Slips, corsets, bustiers, and teddies are usually sized according to your band size. Slips may also have a length indication. After measuring your waist, tie a string around your waist. This forms a reference for other measurements, such as hip and back-waist length. With a properly fitting collared blouse, shirt, or dress on, locate the bottom of the collar inside, not the part that folds over.

This will generally be around your second vertebra. Standing erect, measure from there down the string around your waist. This is your back waist length. For GG's this is generally inches; for most crossdressers and tall GG's it will be more.

On auction sites, this may be listed as the bodice length or shoulder-to-waist length. You need this to help keep from buying short-waisted dresses and tops. Remember when you measured for your bra cup size? The total measurement is often listed in auctions as the bust size , as it is easier for the seller to measure the total width of the garment.


Use our perfect-fit jeans calculator to convert any waist size to the corresponding US standard jeans size. In this jeans size conversion chart, you will find an overview of jeans sizes for men and boys. Size Charts Find the perfect fit with the our size charts. You can always call us and we can assist you Monday - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm (CST) at () For example, if you have a jeans size 34/32, the number 34 means that you have a waist width of 34 inches. The number 32 then corresponds to a leg length of 32 inches. Measure your waist length first.